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The blog will show how coworking at Aspiria NOW relates to the coworking industry as a whole.


Designated Work Stations

Give us Your Complicated, Seemingly Impossible Wish List. Aspiria NOW Will Give You All You Ask and More.

Last June, DLR Group, an employee-owned architectural and engineering firm toured Aspiria NOW. DLR was…

Coworking: Value Far Beyond Shared Office Space

According to the SBA, small businesses stimulate economic growth by providing employment opportunities. In fact,…

Growth Without Growing Pains

The Aspiria NOW mission is to support your business growth goals. We do that by…

Keeping an Eye Open

I’m often asked by my senior leadership team what is going on in the coworking…

The Aspiria NOW Story

In the Beginning In 1997, Sprint World Headquarters campus opened in Overland Park. A gated…
Celebrating Earth’s Day – April 22

Celebrating Earth Day – April 22

Contrary to Kermit the Frog’s song “It’s not easy being green,” The Aspiria Campus Aspiria…
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Ah Ha’s That Make You Go Hmmm

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been in the coworking world for nearly seven years…

Loneliness: The WFH Struggle Is Real

As the manager of Aspiria NOW, I greet and tour everyone who walks through our…
Great Business

What Employees Want in 2023 for their Office Space

How will employer/worker “work relationships” change in the post-Covid world of 2023? This question was…
Aspiria NOW

Your Work. Your Space. Now.

The pandemic changed how every workplace operated. From companies going fully remote during 2020 to…