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Create Your Own Workplace Experience

Want an escape from the house or need a space to meet with clients? Aspiria NOW membership plans offer the flexibility you need, including daily, month-to-month and long-term plans.

We want to help provide a space where you can grow your business within an environment that you enjoy coming to every day.

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Create Your Own Workplace Experience


$20/ Day
hot desk
Most Affordable

Meet Goldie, she’s been looking for a workspace that will fit her business needs now and into the future. She is a professional consultant and freelancer. Currently, she and her business partner have a growing list of clients and Aspiria NOW fulfills her needs for a hot desk with meeting spaces.


$325/ month
Most Popular
Most Popular

Meet Stan, he’s been working remotely at home and is looking for a dedicated desk office space where he can grow his business. He needs an office space that is quiet, professional and where he has the opportunity to network. Aspiria NOW is “just right” for his needs.


$75/ Day
Most Accessible

Meet Christina, she started a cleaning business with her friends from home. Now she needs an outward-facing virtual office that not only gives her access to mail handling, but also gives her an office suite number. Having easy access to Aspiria NOW’s campus will create a professional image for her business.


$50/ Day
Most Reliable
Most Reliable

Meet Wade, he’s a professional freelance photographer that had been working with his clients out of his home. Now he rents the private office occasionallly to meet with new, corporate clients. He rents the Aspiria Studio and cyclorama for larger productions. At Aspiria NOW he also shoots portraits aound the beautiful Aspiria campus.


$590/ month
Most Services
Most Services

Meet Don, he is a professional voice-over actor. Most of his work is done online or out of his home. However, sometimes meeting at a coffee shop is an option. But upon occasion, he needs a quieter, more professional environment where he can meet and even work collaboratively with his clients. Not only does Aspiria NOW have a Small Private Office solution but there are audio booths on campus available for rent.


$1950/ Month
Most Premier
Most Premier

Meet John, he’s a policeman and security professional. He started to provide security services at night with some of his coworkers. Now their business is taking off and they are ready to make the leap to a large private office and quit their day jobs. Aspiria NOW offers John the freedom to pursue his dreams and have access to all the amenities on campus.

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