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As the manager of Aspiria NOW, I greet and tour everyone who walks through our doors. As we walk through the building, I get to learn about them, their business and their reason for interest in coworking.

For some remote workers, their company requires that they office outside the home. For others, they find work-from-home (WFH) isolating and lonely. They need the interaction with others that coworking provides. For entrepreneurs like myself, we often joke that working for ourselves can be a very lonely business.

Surveys report WFH employees admit to struggling with loneliness

Joking aside, in a survey conducted by the Vikings, RAJA Group of 1,500 people, two-thirds (64%) of WFH employees and freelancers admitted loneliness was their primary struggle.

As remote work gained traction during the COVID-19 pandemic, workplace satisfaction studies found that in addition to combatting feelings of isolation, offering a hybrid workplace with company-sponsored coworking options increased employee retention.

For remote workers, loneliness can lead to poor outcomes for physical health, mental health and productivity. The number one recommendation professionals make to prevent and overcome WFH loneliness is: Work at least one day per week outside of your home.

Aspiria NOW has the perfect solution.

If you find yourself struggling with WFH, grab your laptop and spend a day at Aspiria NOW. Your first visit is on us, and we’d enjoy sharing our space, community and WiFi. Just think of it as a vacation from work at work.
Besides, I’d love to greet you and show you around. Feel free to contact me at