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The pandemic changed how every workplace operated. From companies going fully remote during 2020 to others experimenting with hybrid options, everyone had to adjust their daily lifestyle to stay safe in the workplace.

Now as the working population is beginning to get back to the office, companies both large and small are rediscovering the importance of a vibrant workspace. One of the largest growth areas for commercial real estate coming out of the pandemic has been the coworking market. In the fall of 2022, Occidental Management will officially open Aspiria NOW, Kansas City’s newest and highest-offering coworking solution.

Aspiria NOW Offers NextGen Office Workspace

With vibrant, flexible spaces available on one of the nation’s most technologically advanced campuses spanning over 200 acres, Aspiria NOW is a unique offering to bring your small business to a space with the advantages that larger national companies already have.

‘It just made perfect sense,” said Occidental Management Chief Financial Officer Troy Marquis. “We get flooded with calls and requests for small square-footage offices, and with the expansive space available on the Aspiria campus, introducing a coworking solution was a no-brainer. We have coworking options suitable for the up and coming entrepreneur that only needs on desk up to the enterprise-level company that needs space for 50-100 person project team."

Engaging Collaboration Areas & Vibrant Spaces

Aspiria NOW coworking spaces offer the perfect combination of bright, open collaborations hubs to engage with others and share creative ideas as well as private meeting rooms, filling every need for your business day. Each space includes secure, reliable internet connections, complimentary covered parking garage access, on-demand printing, complimentary access to our fully functional kitchen, and secure 24/7 access all powered by 100% renewable energy managed at our on-site power grid.

“Our goal is to bring a workspace to market that no one else in Kansas City can even come close to competing with,” said Aspiria NOW Community Manager Robert Curland. “There isn’t anything else in the Midwest on the scale of Aspiria. From top-tier connectivity and security to engaging amenities, Aspiria has more to offer than any other coworking office in the city.”

Members Enjoy On-Campus Amenities

Aspiria NOW members have full access to everything a Fortune 500 company would look for in their offices. With high-end amenities, interactive tenants and management, events and concierge services, and future community developments to come, Aspiria is the premier live, work destination in the Midwest.

Aspiria NOW members get free, full access to our three-story Aspiria Fitness Center. Members also enjoy access to the beautiful 207-acre campus for walking meetings, afternoon hangouts, and business photoshoots and events. Food options around campus include the Café @ 6050, The Roasterie Cafe, and frequent food truck appearances.

Members can enjoy our Aspiria community events including sports watch parties in the Fitness Center, bring your dog to work day celebrations in Town Square, community sponsored events, pop-up retail stores and more.

“All the things that are currently available are only scratching the surface of why businesses belong at Aspiria,” said Marquis. “In the coming decade, Aspiria will mature into a robust community destination that includes more than simply office buildings. Aspiria will welcome the public with Live Events, Art Education/Appreciation features, dedicated charity events on the boardwalk around the improved lakes, in addition to hotels, and new retail and dining establishments."

The additional development of the 207-acre Aspiria campus is already set in motion. Aspiria NOW members will have the unique opportunity to watch this corporate destination transform into something even more attractive for businesses and the larger community.

“Watching the campus transform and being a part of such a massive addition to the already thriving Kansas City business community is the perfect reason to experience Aspiria NOW,” said Curland. “The time has never been better to get in on the ground floor of this exciting workplace.”

Aspiria NOW is currently leasing and accepting applications for coworking memberships. For more information, call 913.285.7300 or email